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Our Robots


2019: Destination Deep Space

Hatchcalibur was named because of it's incredible ability to deliver "hatches" to the "cargo ship" and "rocket". Although this may be what it's known for, Hatchcalibur can also deliver "cargo" quite well too. It uses a custom-built elevator system with a multi-purpose carriage that allows it to deliver cargo and hatches at up to 8 feet high.

Robot 2019


2018: FIRST Power Up

Kylo was named after Kylo Ren because of the wings that it uses to push up other robots in the end of every match. In addition to these wings, it also have a elevator mechanism that allows the cube shooting mechanism to move up and down.


2017: FIRST Steamworks

BluCubed was named after it's somewhat cubed shape and design. It was originally developed to shoot "fuel" into the "boiler", but later changed to primarily deliver gears and to climb as shown in the picture to the left.


Concussion Protocol

2016: FIRST Stronghold

Concussion Protocol was aptly named after several brown outs, or "concussions", where our radio cut out leaving us stranded mid-game. This robot was built to mainly tackle obstacles and shoot "boulders" if needed.